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Scuba Diving while staying with Roatan Experience Vacation Property

Dive Sites in Roatan

Diving with Tropical Island Divers opens the doors to the East End of Roatan in a way no other dive shop can. We have the stretch of reef from Politilli to Camp Bay almost exclusively to ourselves, it is unlikely you will see another dive boat during your time with us. Unlike other areas of the island, which have mostly wall dives, the reef on the east end of Roatan has terraced shelving – leading to a huge variety of coral formations with many swim-through canyons, caves & caverns. This means the diving is varied & exciting with a range of sites & many new areas to be explored. We also offer day trips to Morat Wall, Jade Beach & Pigeon Cay where you can find wondrous diving in other rural parts of the island.

A few of our favorite dive sites are listed below!

Dolphin's Den:

One of our most spectacular dives, Dolphin's Den is a cave teeming with life. The route from the mooring to the cave is over a shallow sandy bottom where many anemones, shrimps, crabs, fire-worms, pipe fish & upside-down jellyfish are to be found. King Crabs & large green Moray Eels reside inside the cave, as well as many schools of fish. The highlight is a dolphin skeleton which is a natural feature, many dolphin skeletons have appeared over the years but gradually wash out & scatter, now one skeleton remains. The cave has many compartments, some open to the surface & some enclosed: there is usually light streaming in from openings to the surface but a torch is essential for this dive. Depth: The maximum depth is 55ft & the majority of the dive is spent at 20-40ft. Difficulty: Intermediate


This dive site has excellent conditions & visibility. There are striking canyons running through the reef & large coral boulders to swim around. This site always has many spotted drums, often a toadfish & maybe nurse sharks & turtles can be seen. Depth: The reef has a plateau at 15ft then drops down a wall to a sandy bottom at 60ft (max depth)


One of our most popular dives, this dive is a cavern leading through the reef. Unlike a cave, this cavernous space is large & open to the surface, with a fringing reef at the top allowing light to stream in. The dive starts on the inside of the reef & follows through the cavern to a second mooring on the outside. There are many clusters of lobsters to be seen & often a huge barracuda, as well as big midnight parrot fish, schools of snappers & sometimes moray eels. Depth: The maximum depth is 80ft although the majority of the cavern is shallower (40-60ft) & can be dove at any depth depending on experience & comfort levels. Experience Level: Intermediate

Gretchen's Shell:

Being very close to the East end of the island, this site is different every time, with a host of different creatures visiting it. Sometimes spotted eagle rays & turtles are seen here, as well as large barracuda, trunk fish & puffer fish. There is a long, dramatic canyon at 40ft which leads back to the mooring line. Depth: The maximum depth is usually 60ft, though depths of 100ft can be reached.

Punta Blanca Wall:

One of our few wall dives, Punta Blanca has a large sand patch at 35ft making it ideal for the first dive of the holiday to ease back into diving, whatever your experience level. The wall often has schools of Jacks & lone Barracuda patrolling it. There are spotted drum & spotted moray eels to be found, as well as rays & flounders in the sandy area. Depth: Usually 60ft, but the wall descends to a sandy area at 100ft

Diamond Rock:

This dive site is situated close to Paya Bay & has a combination of coral formations & sandy bottoms. This means anything can be seen here: from rays & nurse sharks, to spotted drum & toadfish. Depth: Usually 60ft